L!ceOut911 is a professional lice service in Westchester County, NY that provides for the education, safe screening and removal of head lice (known among intellectuals as Pediculus Humanus Capitus).  L!ceOut911 is a private, kid-friendly service that gets you and your family rid of those pesky parasites.  Trained and certified by world-renowned lice expert Katie Shepherd, L!ceOut911 uses 100% natural and approved products in combination with a strand-by-strand approach to kill lice, remove their eggs (nits) and prevent future infestation so you leave our center lice free, smart and in control!

When it comes to lice treatment in Westchester County and the surrounding Connecticut area, we know you have treatment options.  How is L!ceOut911 different?  First of all, we are trained and certified in the most up-to-the-second research and findings in head lice and the most effective, all-natural ways to remove it.  Secondly, we are available 24/7, 365.  That’s critical because lice is never convenient.  Also, we accept credit cards, FSA, HSA and other health payment accounts.  We will give you insurance codes to submit for reimbursement.  Why can we do this?  Because we are the most professional, knowledgeable, available, educated and unexpectedly fun lice treatment service in Westchester County!  When it comes to lice removal, education and prevention, LiceOut911 is the smartest choice!

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