Hey Scarsdale, meet LiceOut911!  Whether you are at Edgewood, Fox Meadow, Green Acres, Heathcote, Quaker Ridge, Scarsdale Middle School or even Scarsdale High School, you are not immune to head lice.  L!ceOut911 has had wonderful clients from all of these Scarsdale schools.  Our certified, strand-by-strand method of lice removal has proven time and time again to be the best, most effective and efficient way to eradicate lice. We work directly with our Scarsdale clients to come up with the best teamwork approach to ensure head lice is out of the family and home as quickly as possible.  We know it is a bit of a drive for you to seek out a professional lice removal company that you can trust but, we assure you, the drive to LiceOut911 is worth it!  Once in our immaculate, spa-like lounge, you will relax while we get to work removing all head lice from your family and checking everyone to ensure you return to your Scarsdale home lice free.

Also know that L!ceOut911 is always available to check students in any of the Scarsdale and Westchester County schools upon request.  Student, in-school checks for Scarsdale kids are only $5 per head when conducted in school.  School staff are checked for free!  Lastly, 10% of every Scarsdale client that comes to L!ceOut911 for head lice removal goes back to their specific school to treat a child in need.  If you are a Scarsdale school nurse, please give us a call and we will let you know how much money has accrued in your school’s account to result in free services.  Or, just call us for advice and coaching on how to identify lice and ensure families are properly treating the new strain of resistant head lice.  This is not the same old lice that has been around for years.  This new strain of Superlice requires diligence, patience and attention in order to eradicate it.

In Westchester County, there is no better place to go to eliminate those pesky parasites. L!ceOut911 is Scarsdale’s trusted source for head lice removal.

Relax, Scarsdale…you found us!