Whether you are at B.M.P Ridge Street School or Blind Brook Middle or High School, you are not immune to head lice.  We are LiceOut911 and we have served many wonderful Bluebirds and Trojans from all of these Rye Brook schools.  Our strand-by-strand, certified method of lice removal has proven time and time again to be the best, most effective and efficient way to eradicate lice. We know because we trained with the Shepherd Institute in West Palm Beach, Fla.  until we perfected the skill and earned certification.

When it comes to head lice removal in Rye Brook and the surrounding Westchester County area, we know you now have choices.  We assure you that your experience at L!ceOut911 is the right choice and will be beyond what you expected from the second you walk into our doors.  Our immaculate, spa like atmosphere and ability to entertain kids with arts and crafts, movies, snacks and our kid friendly sense of humor will have you forgetting why you came in the first place.  We work directly with our Rye Brook clients to come up with the best teamwork approach to ensure head lice is out of the family and home as quickly as possible.  Our past Rye Brook clients have not only been happy with the results but they are surprised anyone would go anywhere else!

We know Rye Brook has been brilliant in its approach to head lice prevention in the past with school checks after long breaks.  Know that L!ceOut911 is always available to check students in any of the Rye Brook schools upon request.  Student, in-school checks for Rye Brook kids are only $5 per head when conducted in school.  School staff are checked for free!  We will even meet with your Rye Brook PTA for free to educate you all and devise a plan to ensure your school is doing all it can to keep head lice out of the classroom.

Lastly, 10% of every Rye Brook client that comes to L!ceOut911 for head lice removal goes back to their specific school to treat a child in need.  If you are a Rye Brook school nurse, please give us a call and we will let you know how much money has accrued in your school’s account to result in free services.

When it comes to head lice removal in Westchester County, L!ceOut911 is Rye Brook’s trusted source.

Relax, Rye Brook…you found us!