Relax, New Canaan, you found L!ceOut911!  LiceOut911 has treated wonderful clients from schools in the New Canaan Public School District including East, South, West, Saxe and yes, even New Canaan High School. We have also treated kids from the surrounding private schools like Rippowam Cisqua, The Harvey School, St Lukes, King Low Heywood Thomas and more!  Head lice does not discern between town, grade, socio economic status, gender, race or hygiene habits.  If you have hair, you can catch head lice.  We have also had the pleasure of meeting children from the many wonderful preschools and Day Care centers in and around New Canaan.  We know that when it comes to your children’s care and head lice treatment, New Canaan, CT parents want to best, most professional, certified services.  That is why we created L!ceOut911;  a certified company in Bedford Hills that employs a proprietary, strand-by-strand method of lice removal which has proven to be the best, most effective and efficient way to eradicate lice.  After only one visit your family will be lice free.  

Within 30 minutes of New Canaan, CT, LiceOut911 makes lice removal more convenient, and surprisingly relaxing, than ever!  We are open 24/7 and take credit cards, HSA and FSA. We will even give you treatment codes to submit to your insurance company for reimbursement.  Why can we do this?  Because we are certified and affiliated with the largest lice training and research facility in the world!  We are professional and smart and will educate you so you can keep lice at bay in the future. You wouldn’t take your child to an uncertified, untrained doctor would you?

Also know that L!ceOut911 is always available to check students in any of the New Canaan schools upon request.  Student, in-school, checks for New Canaan kids are only $5 per head when conducted in school.  School staff are checked for free!  When a client comes to L!ceOut911 from any New Canaan, CT school, 10% of the clients’ fee is banked for their specific school to treat a child in need.  No child should be denied head lice removal if  they cannot afford it.  If you are a New Canaan school nurse, please give us a call and we will let you know how much money has accrued in your school account to result in free services.  We would also love to talk to you about the latest findings in head lice research.

When it comes to head lice treatment in New Canaan, CT, L!ceOut911 is THE smartest choice!