When my 8 year old daughter came home from school with lice, I freaked out! The idea of treating her, checking my other kids, and cleaning my house was totally overwhelming. Then the thought that I may have it too pushed me over the edge. That’s when I called LiceOut911. They calmed me down on the phone and explained their treatment process.  I booked the first appointment opening they had. From the moment we entered their spa- like lounge in Bedford Hills I knew I had made the right decision. They were professional, knowledgeable and made my daughter feel comfortable. They began their methodical, treatment of my daughter’s hair while entertaining her with an iPad, crafts, snacks and their fun sense of humor. I was able to sit and relax while they treated my daughter, checked my hair and educated me on what I needed to do and what I DIDN’T need to do. I would highly recommend the women at LiceOut911 for lice checks, treatment and removal.

  • Samantha Baker (Bedford Hills, NY)

This is a fantastic addition to Westchester. My daughter ended up with lice from school and my wife absolutely freaked out from the anxiety. Fortunately, a friend recommended a new lice treatment center in Bedford Hills. The women at Liceout911 are fantastic! Their “Relax” motto is spot on – they took care of everything.  Their team treated my daughter meticulously (they go through the hair strand-by-strand) but also in a kid friendly environment — she was holding an iPad throughout the treatment and, on the way home, she actually asked to go back.  The staff treated us professionally and confidentially.  Just as important, we now have the peace of mind that the problem is 100% gone.

  • Nick Alexander (Katonah, NY)

(transcribed by Kyla’s mom) I had a great time at LiceOut911. I had popcorn and watched a movie. The ladies were sooooooo nice and funny. They told me what they were doing to my hair. They even made a beautiful braid at the end and I got to hang my picture on the wall. I hope I don’t get lice again but I hope my brother does so I can go back.

  • Kyla Cohen (Greenwich, CT)

Everyone freaks out when their kids get lice….but I’m so happy to have a place to turn to which will ease my anxieties! I discovered my daughter had lice on our last day of vacation and immediately called L!ceOut911. Their team met me at 8pm that night and quickly got to work on treating and combing out my daughter strand by strand. My children have had lice before and been treated by professionals but I have never seen anyone be so thorough and meticulous as the employees of L!ceOut911. And my daughter was happy as a clam as she munched on popcorn and drank lemonade while doing crafts – all provided by this new fabulous business. I hope we never get lice again…but if so I’ll be running back to L!ceOut911!!!

  • Liz A. (Carmel, NY)

This place is great! Jill has created a relaxed atmosphere while treating such a stressful occurrence. And, I am so much more educated now about lice which I very much appreciate. I can’t tell you how happy we are that we found LiceOut911! 
Stacy B. (Ossining, NY)

When I first saw LiceOut911 pop up on my google search, I thought it was too far to travel from Connecticut. However, it was so much closer than I thought and worth every minute! My kids actually begged to go back when they had the choice to go for a 30 day check up. They loved the staff and the atmosphere is like a party. If my children ever get lice again, I would only go to LiceOut911!
Julia A. (New Canaan, CT)